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Breakfast with Three of the Biggest UK Fashion Bloggers

The influential power and reach of the fashion blogger can’t be contested, and it’s a fact that as each day draws to an end, the fashion blogosphere becomes a little bit more saturated. The majority of new bloggers dream of becoming the dernier cri of the fashion world, and envision themselves sitting in the front rows of catwalks. The reality, however, is in fact somewhat different, and the fierce competition within the industry also means that many new bloggers find it difficult to gain a substantial following, let alone gain any kind of fame. In such a competitive climate, how have the biggest names within the fashion blogging industry managed to fight off competition from the ever increasing number of new fashion blogs, sustained their popularity within the blogging world, and remained at the top of their game for the past several years? This week, I was invited to attend breakfast with three of the biggest UK based fashion bloggers at London's Frontline Club and find out exactly just that. This included Editor-In-Chief, Gemma Cartwright of, Gemma Seager, who is the founder of, and Ollie Olanipekun, from the blog (Better Never Than Late).


Gemma’s blog retrochick could almost be referred to as her diary, as it documents all of the vintage things which she finds and loves. If she wouldn't use or wear it, then she won’t feature it, so the blog has a very personal touch, which indicates that you don’t have to just report upon the latest fashion news in order to gain popularity. Retrochick’s success is also exemplified by the fact that it’s won best blog award nominations by Cosmopolitan magazine for the last two years.

Better Never Than Late targets urban youth culture with a heavy focus upon art and streetwear, and has successfully developed relationships with international brands such as Adidas and Nike. Ollie confessed his love for trainers, and explained that his blog initially began with some friends when they began blogging and conversing about streetwear they liked, and this was the first blog of its kind in the UK.

Although Gemma actually started her blog ten years ago whilst still living with her parents, it’s still referred to as the byword for celebrity, high-street, and couture news. She admits that the key to a successful blog is simply owed to the unconditional passion to write, and most importantly writing about something you love. Gemma’s dedication and love for writing is certainly clear as she admits to frequent all nighters whilst covering pivotal events such as the Oscars, and has in more recent years, also created an additional blog, biggirlsbrowse, which she spends her weekends working upon.  

So, how are they still so big?

Sadly, for all you new fashion bloggers out there, it does seem that all three bloggers’ success stems from the fact that their blogs were original and the first within their areas of interest when launched. One reason that they have remained pure players within the blogging industry is because they have accumulated loyal fans by not only continuing to create compelling content which they desire, but also by integrating the hottest new social media which they are active upon. Don’t give up hope just yet though, when meeting these bloggers, it was also very clear that if you have a passion for your subject, a talent for writing, and sheer dedication to succeed, then anything is possible. 

Images: retrochick,  PressGazette