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The Chloe Jade Green Collection

When your father is the man behind the renowned British retailing company Arcadia, that’s Sir Philip Green to anybody who’s been living on Mars in recent years, then you’re going to have every possible career opportunity ahead of you. So, it comes as no surprise that his daughter Chloe Green is in the process of launching her very own shoe collection for Topshop; the Chloe Jade Green Collection.

The up-and-coming shoe designer claims to be heavily influenced by French designer Christian Louboutin, but rather than all of her shoes having the signature Louboutin red sole, they will have green soles instead. What a clever characteristic for her designs to carry, as it’ll match her surname, which thanks to her Dad already dominates the British High Street. Chloe’s range will retail between £80 to £200 and is currently being tipped to become a high-street sensation, too. Not only does she reportedly have a very fashionable eye, but the shoes have also been given the official fashion seal of approval by supermodel Kate Moss, who previously had her own clothing range at Topshop.

Chloe has even tried out shoes from her own range whilst attending London Fashion Week at the Topshop fashion show, natch. It’s clear that her Dad is her biggest fan, and there’s no doubt that he’s backing her one hundred percent, so it’s nice to see that Chloe also often lends a hand to supporting her Dad’s latest ventures. For instance, when Topshop recently teamed up with leading fashion designer Mary Katrantzou, Chloe was one of the first to be pictured wearing a dress from the range, consequently promoting it. We’re sure that the collection will be a complete success, but we're wishing her the best of luck anyway! 

Images:, Tony Clark/