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New York Fashion Week Fall 2014 Hits and Misses: Part 2 (Forum Buzz)

Forum members shared their first round of highs and lows from New York Fashion Week and now, we’re in for round two. Alexander Wang, Altuzarra and DKNY are all here, but where did they land? Read on to find out.

The Hits: Alexander Wang, Delpozo, Victoria Beckham. Images via IMAXtree.

The Hits: Alexander Wang, Delpozo, Victoria Beckham. Images via IMAXtree.


Alexander Wang

“Darn!!! Paris does the Wang good it seems. I really like this collection: From the boots, to the clothing to the accessories (yes, those bags!!!), to even the injection of neon… I can definitely see this being editorial crux not to mention being lapped up by the cool fashionistas.” [LANZO_358]

“Well, I think that's his best collection to date. I love how it's a jolt of energy. I think there's a lot to like – the buttoned jackets, the zigzagged pieces… Pretty amazing.” [StoneSkipper]

“I think it's safe to say those boots will be EVERYWHERE in a few months time. So what was going on with those finale pieces? They came out in black, then were subjected to some sort of radiation and color emerged? It looked pretty cool.” [Mr-Dale]

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“I think the move to a more practical silhouette is obvious and interesting. Even though I loved the voluminous skirting in his last two collections, this is definitely more wearable for every day. Some shapes are more successful than others, but I love the colors he went for and the chiffon embellishments are still incredibly dreamy and fantastic.” [Moofins]

“Absolutely stunning. The knits and the plaids look so comfy and warm… The dresses are ethereal as always. Everything looks well constructed and actually tailored to the models. Love.” [masquerade]

“Phenomenal, this will be hard to beat. That red dress along with the coats shows the perfect construction and fit. The details, the colors and the silhouettes are fantastic.” [|PerfectTonight|]

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Victoria Beckham

"Her best collection, she has balls to not show even one fitted dress, but it pays off… I want every single coat!” [Miss Dalloway]

“It's really a triumph for her developing more key areas in her collection that [have] been lacking in the past, the quality of the collections really speak for themselves and for me the brand is going from strength to strength in its brand image. Another wonderful collection from a brand that has gone from being another celebrity endorsed product to being a serious fashion house.” [Chanelcouture09]

“Her best collection, amazing details.” [GIVENCHYlover]

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