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21 Questions with… Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos


Journalist, TV host, actress, author and our June guest editor, Maria Menounos, answers our quickfire questions.

  1. When I get dressed in the morning I think… how can I be cute but comfy!
  2. My go-to red carpet designer is… I have so many; some of my favorites are Celia Kritharioti, Romona Keveza, Maria Lucia Hohan, Johanna Johnson and Zac Posen.
  3. The item of clothing I currently wear the most is… jeans and a T-shirt.
  4. My biggest fitness pet peeve is… injury! My hamstrings were injured by a mean trainer years ago and it plagues me to this day. Moral of the story…if it doesn't feel right, and someone is pushing you, don't feel like you have to prove anything. Just say no!
  5. My biggest beauty pet peeve is… overly drawn eyebrows.
  6. To look good in a photo/on camera it's important to remember… to not lean; stand straight next to the person you are being photographed with.
  7. When I'm looking to de-stress I… cuddle with rescue dogs, I drink hot water, I deeply inhale fresh air and I smell fresh flowers.
  8. My beauty essentials include… Vibran-C Lip Tint SPF 15 from Nurse Jamie and everything from Dermalogica.
  9. If my days had one extra hour I'd… probably do more work but really I should sleep.
  10. The last thing I googled was… AfterBuzz TV. It's my online broadcast network where we produce after-shows for favorite TV shows. We get over 20 million downloads weekly from over 200 countries. I'm always checking google news to see what we've broken for TV superfans.
  11. My guilty pleasure is… loaded potato skins.
  12. Menouno_TheEverygirlsGuide_Final-JacketMy favorite healthy snack is… cucumber hummus, which I have a recipe for in my new book.
  13. My most memorable celebrity interview was… Johnny Depp — he loves my laugh but at first he thought a machine gun went off. Such a sweet guy and I fully admitted I grew up having a crush on him.
  14. What would surprise people most about my job is… it's 24-7 — the news never stops!
  15. My worst celebrity interview was… I would never tell!
  16. The best advice I ever got… was from Whoopi Goldberg who once told me to save 10 percent of everything you make per year. I do that and more because of her.
  17. On a typical Saturday night… I'm in with my boyfriend and our dogs watching TV and movies! 
  18. I'm always happy when… I'm outdoors; I love nature!
  19. No day goes by without… me praying. I pray every night and thank god for all his blessings.
  20. When I'm looking to get inspired I… read quotes. I even made a quote wall in my office to remind me of the ones that inspire me the most.
  21. One thing I do badly that I wish I did well… not stress! Ugh, sometimes I let it get the best of me. Still working on this.