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Antonio Azzuolo Talks Woolmark, Womenswear and What’s Ahead

Antonio Azzuolo

Antonio Azzuolo with model at the Woolmark U.S. International Prize Awards; image: Woolmark

We’ve been longtime fans of designer Antonio Azzuolo. If you met him, you’d understand why. He’s gracious, charming and man, can he cut a mean suit. And with his foray into womenswear recently, we’re waiting for him to become a household name.

We spoke with him at the Woolmark Awards last night where he was nominated in the menswear category.

theFashionSpot: Congratulations on being nominated!

Antonio Azzuolo: Thank you so much! It’s a great honor and an amazing opportunity.

tFS: How much of what you did today is going to inform what you’re going to do in your next collection?

AA: I think quite a bit. There’s a definite parallel. And because of timing, and sort of direction and whatever is in the air, as the French say. We’re going to see it in Spring/Summer 2015, both mens and womens!

tFS: So you’re doing womens now?

AA: Yes, yes!

tFS: I could imagine so many women wanting to wear what you’re wearing right now.

AA: I think that was a logical progression for us because a lot of womenswear editors were always asking about where they could buy the clothing, so it just felt kind of natural for me.

tFS: I feel a lot of fashion is unisex anyway.

AA: Yeah completely.

tFS: There are no boundaries anymore, you have to make them your own.

AA: And it’s not even like blurring the boundaries. And it’s still a ways away, but it’s definitely a part of our premise.

tFS: You mentioned early that you wanted to get into partnerships. What would your ideal partnership be?

AA: You mean a business partnership? I think someone who understands, believes in the line and in what I do, and will lead the way and build the business. Whether it’s building licensing agreements or partnerships with factories, business strategies, negotiating with showrooms, building e-commerce platforms—it’s a business partner. It’s someone who believes in me, in the product.

tFS: And supports you.

AA: And supports me. Ideally understands the business, but if that person doesn’t, we can always get that person to come in.

tFS: And are you also looking for a personal one?

AA: A personal partnership? I’m open to it!

tFS: Aren’t we all?