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Hana Tajima’s Newest Inclusive Collection for Uniqlo Just Dropped

After a successful collaboration with Uniqlo in 2016, which included the company’s first hijabs, Hana Tajima and the Japanese retailer unite yet again for a Fall/Winter 2018 collection that embraces the beauty of all women.

Uniqlo’s and Tajima’s Instagram accounts recently posted several of the collection’s pieces, which are already available in stores and online. In an interview with The Cut, Tajima said the term “modest fashion” doesn’t seem appropriate because of its implied imposition of ideals and that can leave a person feeling limited. “I like the idea of understated fashion,” she said. “It feels like it fits closer to where it actually is. But it started with Muslim fashion.”

While Tajima does not want to confine her style within the term “Muslim fashion,” her impact on the fashion scene has allowed for more inclusivity for Muslim women. Since her first collection for Uniqlo, we’ve seen more hijab-wearing women on the covers of fashion magazines and runways, as well as the launch of the Nike Pro Hijab collection. “In one way, it’s really useful to have that identifier. It’s not like I want to downplay the roots of it being Muslim fashion. But I design from being a human first,” she said.

Shop the collection at Uniqlo.