Put Some Spring in Your Step with a Pair of Must-Have Mules

Spring is having a mule moment as the backless shoe stages a comeback for 2014, only this time, it’s not the frumpy clog pair that usually comes to mind. If we were to morph our favorite pump or wedge with a slip-on sandal, the end result would be spring’s soon-to-be in-demand shoe. Whether they were downtown chunky or uptown sleek and sexy, the 90s-influenced mule cropped up on the catwalk as a key runway trend during the spring collections. And while the new mule maintains that minimalist 90s vibe we admire, the shoe is cooler, the heel is higher and the silhouette is more modern. Not to mention that the vamp is taller, so it stays more firmly on the foot and toes needn’t hold on for dear life. This new breed of mule doesn’t slap against your heel like some of the older models and it won’t look clunky leaving a dreaded clack-clomp symphony as you strut on by.

So it’s time to think vampy, not orthopedic. Spikey, contemporary heels, architectural shapes along with embellished extras like studs and stones have secured the mule as the must-have of the season.