What We Bought: Massimo Dutti Tops, J.Crew Jeans and More (Forum Shopaholics)

Massimo Dutti blouse - forum buys

Over the last few weeks, forum members have been stocking up on fall and winter items, but this past week, the tone of their purchases seemed to shift a bit. Maybe they’re all just in more of a resort state of mind, but there was an undeniable lightness to the most recent forum buys. The focus has turned to lighter fabrics, lighter colors and lighter layers. Below are some of the highlights.
Massimo Dutti blouse - forum buysMassimo Dutti blouse - forum buys
BibiRose bought a couple of soft, silky blouses from Massimo Dutti.
Massimo Dutti cardigan - forum buysJ.Crew Jeans - forum buys
BibiRose also picked up a lightweight boyfriend-style sweater in fall colors on her Massimo Dutti shopping trip.
Party_Vixen took advantage of some online sales and ordered a slim pair of jeans from J.Crew.
H&M gold sequined top - forum buysAsos plaid poncho - forum buys
MariyaCroft couldn’t resist this gold sequined tee shirt from H&M.
Kate_Moore ordered a few things from Asos, and among them was this drapey plaid poncho.
Asos gold tone bracelet - forum buysSandro leather jacket - forum buys
Not content with just a poncho, Kate_Moore also picked up a delicate gold tone bracelet with a dangling point from Asos.
Kenysha75 bought a camel colored leather jacket by Sandro (shown here on The Working Girl).

Images via the Fashion Spot forums.