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My philosophy towards accessories is quite simple.


Unless the piece is constructed well and a unique piece from a respected designer that I am not likely to see again; like the above piece, I am not willing to spend a great amount of money. 


I view most accessories as throw away pieces. 


I’ll spend a lot on a coat, because it is an item I plan on keeping for years; but accessories not so much. 


For most of my accessories, I buy them at cheap prices at places like H&M and Topman.   I leave the bulk of my spending for actual clothes. 


I have tons of bags and sunglasses from places like Urban Outfitters, because the last thing I want to worry about while on the run is ruining a pair of sunglasses or a bag. 


I usually just throw my sunglasses into my bag when not using them.  IF they were a designer pair, I would be crushed if they broke apart, but at $10-40; not so much. 


I also like using bags for a variety of activities, so I like having many options on hand. 


I use different bags for work, running to the dry cleaner’s, going to the library, etc.


Scarves, beanies, gloves, belts, etc.  You get the idea. 


There is a revolving cycle of these items that arrive in stores every season, so I really do not see the purpose of buying them at a  high price unless they offer something special like the fall 2007 Dior Homme runway sleeves. 


Because of the affordability of pieces like this, I recommend buying them in multiples if you like them enough. 


I do this with H&M socks during the winter.  Their long socks work amazing with boots and contribute to such a great look (jeans tucked into socks peaking out of boots).