Spring 2014 Mini Trend: Clueless Nineties

Judging by the prevailing trends on the Spring 2014 runways, it seems that this season is all about having fun with fashion, from channeling your inner artist à la Chanel to outing your secret warrior thanks to statement tribal prints at shows such as Alexander McQueen. But the most fun trend of them all has to be what editors are dubbing the Clueless Nineties trend, as in the cult movie Clueless. That’s right, Cher and her friends are having a fashion moment, as items such as cropped twinsets by Sister by Sibling (below) dominated the runways.

Sibling RS14 0040sib 1

If you can’t wait to embrace your inner Cher (as if!), you’ll probably also need to know about the Clueless account that’s taking Twitter by storm: @ModernClueless spouts all of your favourite Clueless takes on life with a modern twist. The perfect source of inspiration when you’re trying to choose an outfit that also screams modern day Clueless.

So whether it's an ironic slogan Tee, a splash of plaid wrapped around your waist or full on crop top central, we know that there's a Clueless Ninieties piece that'll be filtering into your wardrobe.

Images: Imax Tree