If We Could Style All the Men in the World, This Is What They’d Wear

There was no shortage of avant garde looks at Men's Fashion Week Fall 2014. And while we enjoy seeing clothing turned into modern art, whether it be on men or women, we keep our eyes peeled for the styles we can emulate, be inspired by and work into our own wardrobe once trends trickle down to our favorite shops. With that spirit in mind, we took a gander at all of the menswear collections with one question in mind: what would we want the men in our life to wear? 

Definitely the army green and earthy, mustard-brown asymmetrical neckline sweaters at Bottega Veneta. Do we mind the flower-print button down layered under a gorgeous slate gray wool suit at Burberry? Not at all. We love, actually. The navy blue velvet suit at Gucci had us dreaming of the irresistible touch of soft textiles on a firm frame. The dapper gent at Hermes had hearts beating a little faster as we wondered what it would be like to be picked up by a guy wearing a pinstripe suit, straight off his job moving markets on Wall Street. These are the must-see looks we couldn't keep our eyes off of and we highly suggest you view the next time you're getting ready to dole out style advice to the men you love most in your life. BFF, husband or boyfriend can all benefit, to be sure.