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Clothing Hacks: These Insider Tips Will Ensure Your Favorite Pieces Last and Last



Fashion Hack Definition: A little insider trick of the fashion trade that lets you repair and maintain your wardrobe so fast, so easy, you'll be channeling Outkast with your "So Fresh, So Clean" looks. Here are 12 clothing care tips to help you save money and ensure you'll be well turned out every time you leave the house. 

Fix scratched leather 

Despite the fact that leather is detached from the animal it once lived on, it's still skin. And like any skin, it does well with some moisturizing TLC. If you've got a small scratch on leather, rub moisturizer into it and watch it disappear. Unscented, inexpensive lotion from the drugstore will do you just fine. 

Get rid of water stains on leather boots

How many times have we been told to waterproof our leather shoes? How often do we do that? If you're like me, the answer is pretty much never. So get rid of those winter water stains by mixing equal parts vinegar with cold water. Spritz on with a spray bottle and voila! Good as new.

Wash jeans as seldom as possible, but keep smells at bay

Washing jeans is stressful. You never know when you'll find that magic number (maybe it's the fifth or tenth time) of washes that shrinks them beyond wear. You don't actually need to wash them. There's an easy hack to prevent smells: put them in the freezer overnight. 

But when you do wash your jeans, prevent fading

If you do insist on washing periodically, and we can't really blame you, put half of a cup of white vinegar in with the washing, turn jeans inside out and colors will stay darker longer. 

De-pill cashmere

You don't need a pumice stone. You don't need one of those little mechanical de-fuzzers (which can actually damage fine knits), what you really need is a fine tooth comb. Gently pull it down your sweater to separate the pills for removal. 

Get rid of deodorant stains fast and easy with…

Baby wipes. Guest of a Guest says even the toughest stains will be gone with one swipe.

Un-scuff suede in a pinch with…

An emory board. The rough texture of the board will gently pull at suede fibers, bringing them back to their original positions, eliminating the scuff. 



Keep new shoes from slipping and sliding

Try this stylist trick: scuff up the soles of your shoes with a scissor or knife to keep them from slipping on floors.

Get rid of sweat stains with…

Lemon Juice! This is too easy. Fill a spray bottle with lemon juice and spritz the pits of your white tees with the liquid citrus before you throw it in the washing machine. 

Iron button-ups

Getting in between buttons sucks. I always end up putting wrinkles into my button-up shirts rather than getting them out. The simple fix? Aside from running a steamer over every inch of the shirt, you can turn it inside out. The ironing will go much smoother, literally.

Fix a crooked/curled collar

But what if your shirt is wrinkle-free and you're stuck with a bent or curved collar right when you need to get out the door? Use your flatiron for a quick touch-up. 

Make any T-shirt vintage soft

My all time absolute favorite fashion hack (drumroll please) is brining your T-shirts in a 1-quart to 1/2-cup salt ratio solution. For how long? Three days. In my book, that three days is more than worth spending an extra $50 to buy a pre-softened "vintage" tee from an expensive boutique.