American Icon: Wonder Woman (Laid-Back Quirky)

Traditionally, summer isn't a girl's best friend clothing-wise, if said girl loves layers. But I don't think that has to be the case. High temperatures might call for light clothing, but having a pared-down look isn't a concession to the blazing sun gods, it's the epitome of modern style. So instead of thinking about your outfit in terms of layers, let these warmer months motivate you to step up your accessories game. 

Here's how I'm doing it. First of all, you should know that I choose my clothing based on two factors: 

1) Ease of wear — If it's not comfortable, I don't care how great it looks. Also, if an item of clothing won't allow me to be a little bit of a chameleon in this big, diverse city, it's just not for me. 

2) Quirkiness — I like good, quality classics, but if there isn't something a little bit original or "off" about an item, I'm not going to be in looooove with it. 

Using this rough rubric, I created an easy summer look inspired by the ultimate American Icon, Wonder Woman. And I think she should really be everyone's summer style icon — not just mine! — because her outfit is a perfect marriage of personality, practicality and glamour. What I'm saying is, the lady kicks butt, looks awesome and doesn't even have to get sweaty. 


images: Getty

To emulate her look, I started with a pair of classically tailored navy-and-white Striped Shorts from INC International Concepts, only at Macy's. I styled them with a Long-Sleeve Sequined Stars Top, emblazoned with big patriotic stars (Fourth of July is coming up!). To complete the look, I chose a pair of strappy Women's Mistye2 Flat Sandals (in red) and a chunky Gold-Tone Rectangle Stretch Bracelet to match Wonder Woman's amazing arm cuffs. 

Ta da! Here's a season-appropriate outfit that's 1) ridiculously comfortable and versatile, 2) modern and stylish, and 3) channels a classic female superhero. #SummerForever. See you at the barbecue! 

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