The 17 Best Spring/Summer Sandals for Under $100

Summer is sandal season and every year it seems like there’s an endless supply of trendy versions that cost beaucoup bucks. While we’re all for indulging in a designer pair or two for those special summer occasions, for our day-to-day fashion statements we aim to marry style with some cost-cutting measures. Believe it or not, you can score fashion-forward sandals at reasonable prices (sometimes the discount is so good, you can afford to pick up sets in every color).

And you don’t have to sacrifice sartorial cred since thanks to the trickle-down effect, most fast fashion brands offer sandals that are riffs on what designers sent down the runway. We’re talking chunky platforms, V-cut options, ankle-stabilizing wedges and straps upon straps upon straps.

Ahead, 17 summer sandals under $100 that’ll convince you there’s no need to empty your bank account to step out in style this season.

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