12 Delicious Toast Upgrades That Will Make You Feel Great

People who say carbs are bad are missing out big time. Let’s clear this up: Carbs aren’t bad. They fuel your workouts and they give you energy. Sure, some are better than others, but ultimately, life is about balance — don’t have pizza every night, but when you do have it, enjoy it!

Similarly, when it comes to the world of toast, so many people write it off completely, assuming all slices to be a sign of pure evil. But in reality, it has so much positive potential. Not all toast is dripping in butter (though even that every so often isn’t going to kill you…). Ask any fitness junkie or athlete and they’ll all tell you just how much they live for the stuff (always whole grain, of course). Poach a couple eggs and your workout will be powered. Add peanut butter and banana and you’ll be bouncing off the walls. Pile it with sliced peaches and yogurt and it tastes like a dessert.

From bananas to avocado to ricotta and pumpkin seeds, these are the wholesome toast recipes your loaf is looking for.