How to Get Adele’s Christian Louboutin-Inspired Nails


The red carpet was packed with glam beauty looks at the Grammys last weekend (Kate Beckinsale's gorgeous updo anyone?!), but one star in particular nabbed our attention: Adele. Besides looking extremely elegant, the Grammy-collecting artist rocked one of the coolest manicures we've ever seen. To match her dazzling silver Christian Louboutin shoes, Adele's nails were a sparkly silver color on top and red underneath. Needless to say, we had to know how she did it. Here's how to re-create Adele's look:


  • Pick up a pack of stick-on nails from your local drug store and make sure they come with nail glue. For Adele's look, file the edges to get a sharper, angled shape.
  • Remove nails from the box and flip upside down. Picking them up with tweezers, begin painting the base with a bright red polish (Adele used Ciate Paint Pot in Mistress). Let dry and apply a second coat. Don't worry about smudges on the reverse side; you'll end up covering it anyway.
  • Once the bottom has dried, flip nail over and paint the surface with a silver sparkly shade like OPI Save Me ($8 at Amazon) —Adele used Coate Paint Pot in Jewel. If you own a pair of Louboutins, select the color that best matches your shoes. Apply two coats and let dry. 
  • Use nail polish remover on your nails to rid of any natural oils then buff them to rough the surface just slightly.
  • Follow application directions on the box from there on.

  Have you tried this look? We want to hear about it!