New for Your Beauty Arsenal: Eyebrow Plumping Gels



It’s no secret that much of the focus in beauty these days is eyebrows. We’re always tweezing, shaping and filling in our arches to achieve a defined appearance that flatters the face. Unsurprisingly, the brow market is growing: We went from needing a simple brow pencil to powders, kits and now, plumping gels.

These tinted gels basically pump up the pigment and thickness of your brow hair with a long-lasting formula that comes in various shades. The product is brushed on with a mini mascara wand, which also features a pencil-like tip for precise application to fill in smaller areas to define shorter hairs that would otherwise go unnoticed. The bristles on the grooming brush grab each hair to fully coat with color as well as set them in place like a light-hold gel or hairspray. Your shapely arches will last all day long and enhance beyond the means of the standard pencil. Check out some of our favorite miracle brow plumping gels below.