I Got a Free 30-Minute Facial at Sephora and My Skin Looks Amazing

Ah, Sephora: the promised land of endless samples, weekly deals and all your favorite brands…and now, you can add “free facials” to the ever-growing list of perks. Consider this your PSA.

Aptly dubbed the Perk Hydrating Facial, you can nab the 30-minute service for free with a $75 purchase (and as anyone who’s ever shopped at Sephora knows, that’s distressingly easy to do). Each treatment uses a Perk device, easily operated by any Sephora team member with the prerequisite training. It’s equal parts hydrating and exfoliating, resulting in a glowy complexion that makes for the perfect midweek pick-me-up.

Alas, the service is not yet available at every Sephora but you can find it in select stores across the nation. If they offer it in one near you, it’s well worth checking out — read on to see why.

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