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Indya Moore Becomes ELLE’s First Transgender Cover Star

It’s not every month that our favorite fashion glossies break new ground, but ELLE just made history by making Indya Moore its first-ever non-binary transgender cover star. Nina Garcia continues to propel the publication to new heights, though initially, our forums were under the impression Céline Dion was ELLE‘s only cover star for its June 2019 edition. Photographed by Zoey Grossman and styled by Charles Varenne, the Pose star and muse of Nicolas Ghesquière works a head full of curls and a Louis Vuitton dress (naturally) in the commanding cover shot.

US Elle June 2019 : Indya Moore by Zoey Grossman


The cover created a whole lot of buzz on our forums. “I’m living,” declared jorgepalomo the moment the cover surfaced.

“I have yet to see a bad shot of Indya. Something about this just works,” praised an equally impressed dodencebt.

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MON was quick to applaud the magazine, too. “Indya is stunning! Really proud of them. And kudos to ELLE for giving the star the platform they deserve.”

“I think Indya’s cover is stunning…so striking!” said KissMiss.

Sharing the same level of enthusiasm was Miss Dalloway: “Wow that Indya cover is amazing.”

“What’s it with all these stunning June covers so far!?! This looks great. I’d ditch the odd leaf earring, though. Céline’s cover was clearly just an advertising effort and Nina was clever enough to ride on that hype first instead of releasing both covers at the same time,” commented Benn98.

“I find it to be a real shame that ELLE felt the need to do a special subscribers’ cover with Céline Dion this month, as opposed to just allowing Indya Moore’s triumph to speak volumes,” noted vogue28.

US Elle June 2019 : Indya Moore by Zoey Grossman


See more from Indya’s cover shoot and join the conversation here.

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Emilia Clarke’s Allure June 2019 Cover May Just Be Her Best Yet

Emilia Clarke can’t catch a break when it comes to magazine covers (British Vogue, British Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour being perfect examples) and it was just last month that Emilia graced the cover of Vogue Spain wearing a questionable Valentino getup. The Game of Thrones star continues to land covers with Allure being next in line. Following in the footsteps of Adut Akech, Gemma Chan and Angela Bassett, the actress makes her debut on the title for June 2019, looking fresh-faced before the lens of photographer Marcus Ohlsson.

Allure June 2019 : Emilia Clarke by Marcus Ohlsson


Another miss or a total hit? “Perhaps the best Emilia Clarke cover I’ve seen, or at least that I can remember. I can appreciate how fresh it feels for June, how clean, simple and direct Ohlsson’s portrait of Emilia is and how it’s a departure from the dark Adut Akech cover last month!” admired vogue28.

“The girl with the Midas touch! Truly a stunning portrait, I can’t fault anything. It’s the simplicity of it all, and that bone structure that wins me over,” Benn98 chimed in.

“She doesn’t look like herself, but she looks absolutely great. Good angles, good lighting, good styling,” applauded tigerrouge.

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“She is so stunning and looks incredible. Love the straight on portrait as well. Definitely one of her best to date,” echoed RMDV.

Also quick to show the cover some love was honeycombchild: “For me this is the best she’s photographed, anywhere. Such a shame it wasn’t a Vogue cover for her…”

“Emilia is one of my favorites, always happy to see her. Still want her to get a U.S. Vogue cover, but hopefully it’s coming,” commented SallyAlbright.

“What a lovely cover! Her eyes look beautiful. Finally an Emilia cover that does her justice — her features are just gorgeous,” 333101 raved.

See more from Emilia’s cover shoot and share your thoughts here.

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Amazing or Atrocious? Steven Klein Photographs Anok Yai for Vogue Italia’s May 2019 Cover

We’re huge champions of diversity and it’s always worth celebrating when a model of color graces the cover of Vogue. Vogue Italia’s been pretty hit or miss as of late, but it’s back in our good graces because the mag picked Anok Yai as its May 2019 cover girl. Adut Akech became the first black model to grace the Italian fashion bible in over 18 months back in April 2018 and it’s now Anok’s turn, wearing Dolce & Gabbana (courtesy of Patti Wilson) while posing alongside a Great Dane in the Steven Klein-shot cover photo.

Vogue Italia May 2019 : Anok Yai by Steven Klein


The cover divided our forum members. “Speechless…and not because it’s good…it’s just baaaaad,” stated a disapproving KissMiss.

“Atrocious!! Why is it that every time Klein shoots a cover for Vogue Italia it ends up a mess?” asked a dumbfounded Benn98.

“Poor Anok, she deserves a much better cover! I’m happy for her achievement, but I hope she gets another better cover soon. I hate the styling and Steven Klein…no words for him,” libra chimed in.

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“Anok is stunning in person, but very dull in print. That facial expression is very vacant. This would’ve worked with a model with better skills. Great for her finally landing a huge cover, though,” wrote Style Savvy.

Although not everyone was disappointed. “I must be the only person that loves this, it’s typical Klein and that’s something I’ll never complain about. I love Anok and the exaggerated styling,” confessed Blayne266.

“This cover is brilliant. I think a lot of people on this forum just hate Klein and anything he does, which is bananas. He almost always nails it with his Vogue Italia covers,” defended mepps.

See more from Anok’s cover story and share your thoughts here.

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Christy Turlington Burns Looks Simply Beautiful on Vogue Mexico’s May 2019 Covers

We are ALL for seeing a resurgence of 90s supermodels, whether it’s Shalom Harlow making a comeback on the covers of Vogue Italia and Vogue Japan or Stephanie Seymour making a triumphant return to the Versace runway. Vogue Mexico is the latest to embrace the trend by giving Christy Turlington Burns three May 2019 covers. Photographed by Alique with Celia Azoulay on styling duties, Christy looks gorgeous in the cover shots.

Vogue Mexico May 2019 : Christy Turlington by Alique


The sight of Christy pleased our forum members to no end. “Can’t go wrong with Christy in my opinion, she’s simply effortless in front of the camera,” raved apple.

“You just can’t fail with Christy, such a good model. And the fact they let her look her age, bravo! Beautiful covers,” Miss Dalloway applauded.

“The covers are quite simple but beautiful… and all the lines on her face enhance her beauty even more,” echoed KissMiss.

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Also loving the lack of post-production was jeremydante: “I love how she’s wearing her age. Gorgeous.”

“Finally, a set of covers where a beautiful woman shows as many wrinkles as a handsome man is allowed to have on the front of any magazine,” stated tigerrouge.

FashionMuseDior felt the same way. “There is a certain sense of sexiness and toughness that comes from age, not only with men but also with women and it should be shown and celebrated. I’m glad that Vogue Mexico did this.”

“No complaints over here, absolutely love everything about this from Christy scoring the cover to Alique as photographer. All three covers are beautiful, effortless and raw in their brilliance. The muted green Vogue masthead works brilliantly, too. A resounding thumbs up from me!” voiced vogue28.

Vogue Mexico May 2019 : Christy Turlington by Alique


Show Vogue Mexico and Christy some love here.

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Like It or Not Ariana Grande Is the New Face of Givenchy

There are some things that just go together, like Kate Moss and British Vogue and Zara campaigns shot by Steven Meisel. But sometimes brands can get it oh so wrong when it comes to selecting brand ambassadors (take Christian Dior teaming up with Jennifer Lawrence). Now, completely out of left field, Givenchy makes Ariana Grande the face of its Fall 2019 collection. Selected by Clare Waight Keller, the iconic French fashion house didn’t exactly downplay its latest signing by brazenly posting Craig McDean-shot teasers on social media. Even though the monochromatic images are shot from the back, that ponytail is a dead giveaway.

Our forums went into complete meltdown upon hearing the news. “This pairing makes no sense. Clare’s Givenchy is very mature, formal even… she’s neither. I know Ariana is super famous right now, but the woman I see in Clare’s collection couldn’t be more different than her,” remarked mistress_f.

“I find this a very odd choice for the reasons you mentioned,” replied HeatherAnne. “Especially since Clare had rid Givenchy of the tacky Kardashian associations. Very disappointed in this. A million choices that would have made this chicer and on-brand.”

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“I would expect a stunt like this from Dsquared2, but for Givenchy? This is one more sign that Clare’s in over her head,” GivenchyHomme chimed in.

“Surely this is for a beauty or fragrance ad? I can’t believe Clare would accept Ariana Grande to be the face of her collection,” stated an unimpressed sixtdaily.

In complete agreement was Lola701: “This smells of desperation. Clare’s Givenchy surely doesn’t sell that well. It’s so funny, I can’t!”

“No thanks, this has just turned me off even more from the brand,” scoffed Nomar.

RedSmokeRise wasn’t here for it, either, commenting, “Rosamund Pike was robbed of this opportunity! Thank you, next!”

Do you think Ariana’s a good match for Givenchy? Join the debate and await more from the campaign here.

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Not Even Zendaya Can Save Vogue’s Disappointing June 2019 Cover

More often than not, our forums can predict who might turn up on the covers of our favorite fashion glossies (because Anna Wintour isn’t exactly unpredictable). Zendaya is making a comeback on the cover of Vogue and, not to brag, we called this one back in December. Almost two years after her debut, Zendaya was photographed by Tyler Mitchell and styled by Camilla Nickerson for the June 2019 issue. Giving us major The Great Gatsby vibes, the 22-year-old glistens in Ralph Lauren, working a no-makeup makeup look and a finger-wave hairstyle in the cover shot.

US Vogue June 2019 : Zendaya by Tyler Mitchell


But the cover wasn’t exactly a hit. “Very jumbled! The makeup looks fresh and almost natural, but the hairdo and dress are glam? Doesn’t go together. And then you have the odd backdrop, but with a red masthead? Doesn’t work for me, I’m afraid,” voiced Benn98 the moment the cover dropped.

“The image itself is nice, but the art direction leaves much to be desired. The red masthead and the black and white text is confusing me,” said MON.

“I don’t get Anna’s fascination with red mastheads. Always ruins nice cover images,” amby pointed out.

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Marc10 was also not exactly impressed: “Hate this. Hair and makeup are awful, the outfit is unflattering, bad lighting and background… all wrong.”

“It doesn’t work. The hair and the dress and good god the awful headlines,” echoed SLFC.

Bertrando3 felt majorly underwhelmed, too. “I usually always love her pictures, but this photographer is not a Vogue-worthy photographer: the editorial is bad, very weak, it feels unresolved. From the cropping, the styling, the poses, it’s like a behind-the-scenes shoot rather than a finished product. NEXT!”

Ouch. Better luck next month, Vogue. See Zendaya’s accompanying cover feature and join the conversation here.