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Kanye West to Kim Kardashian at the Met Ball: ‘You’re So Awesome’

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If the rumors are true, Kanye West had initially promised to boycott the Met Gala if organizers didn't also extend a ticket to his pregnant girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, who was blocked from attending the swanky New York City event last year on the grounds of her low-rent reputation.

If I were pregnant with someone's child, I would literally kill them if they went to a fancy party I wasn't invited to. That's not hyperbole*. Whatever you think of Kardashian, her style and (if we can even call it a) career, it would have been beyond scummy if the gala's planners hadn't invited her, especially since Kanye was slated to perform. 

She chose to wear a custom-made floral print Givenchy gown with matching gloves and a thigh-high slit. A controversial choice, chiefly due to it being insane. Still, the number of "who wore it best" jokes showing Kardashian's red carpet look beside a picture of a couch makes criticism of the reality star seem pretty suspect. People deride Kardashian as low-hanging fruit, but then reach for the low-hanging jokes to further ridicule her.

For the past few months, tabloids and blogs have been laughing so hard at the mother-to-be's maternity style, you'd think it were an ab workout fad. And I find it frustrating. Pregnant celebrities face so much scrutiny for what they wear and how they look, you almost forget that the object of being pregnant is to create human life. Dressing well is challenging in the best of times — when you aren't worrying about how to flatter the lump of growing pre-baby attached to your torso. Kim Kardashian has been struggling to figure out how to dress for her changing pregnant body and sure, sometimes (often) it looks really weird. But I would much rather see her bundled skin-tight in a bizarre rose (okay, I'll succumb to calling it a) slipcover, than trying to be another glowing earth mama in a solid-colored, empire-waist dress. 

And Kanye West seems to agree. Revealing heretofore unknown layers of sweetness and errr… depth, the hip hop star devoted at least part of his Met Gala set to singing about how Kardashian shouldn't listen to what anyone says, because she's awesome. 

(Coco Rocha Vine'd it. Thanks Coco!!)


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*Okay, it's hyperbole.