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Why Pia Muehlenbeck Is Closing Her Store Slinkii Athletic

Pia Muehlenbeck

Photo: courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar Australia, Slinkii Athletic

Pia Muehlenbeck is celebrating the first birthday of her brand Slinkii Athletic by shutting up shop for ten days, using the opportunity to send a powerful message about saving the planet we live in. 

The influencer with over 825,000 followers is closing her online store after its busiest month to date as she would instead like us to focus our energy into helping the environment by planting trees. 

Explaining that we are making food unsustainably and chopping down trees to allow animals to graze, Pia is calling upon her fans, followers and customers to help her initiative because “If the human race don’t start to make a change and actively start to plant trees, our main source of oxygen will simply diminish.”

Because this has a massive effect on our entire ecosystem, Pia is encouraging us all to plant a tree for only $1 a pop through her online store, reiterating that she makes absolutely no profit from this project. “I hope you realise you can make a difference for less than the cost of a drink,” she urged on her blog

We just love influencers who use their influence to have a positive influence on the world. Buy a tree here. Slinkii Athletic will be back in business on November 25,

[Via Finding the Finer]