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Employees Warned Against Having ‘Resting Kanye Face’ In the Workplace

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Image: WENN

Ah, resting bitch face. So many of us suffer from it. Whether someone is beaming RBF right in your face or you’re a culprit yourself, the facial “expression” really can cause such a kerfuffle.

In fact, a Goodwill store in Illinois, USA, has found itself in some heat after telling its employees to not be like Kanye West, who some would say is the great god of resting bitch face.

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The retailer handed a newsletter out to its staff about wearing your feelings on your face in the workplace, saying you should smile if you’re happy and its OK to show you’re sad if it’s not your finest hour. In light of this instruction, the company took it upon itself to tell its employees to not be a Kanye, who the organisation believes has the same expression no matter what emotion he’s feeling.

“Do you suffer from Resting Kanye Face?” the newsletter reads, as reported by TMZ. “Those who do, may not be seen by others as ‘approachable’,” it continues,  showcasing that Kanye’s “Happy”, “Sad”, “Concerned”, “Excited” and “Scared” face are all exactly the same.

Some employees found it humorous while others weren’t impressed with the way Goodwill used Kanye to represent the vacant worker who can’t show their feelings. Goodwill has now apologised for telling its staff not to look like the mighty Yeezy, saying it used the photo with the intention of being “relatable”.

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The store is also reaching out to the rapper personally, saying, “We’d like to apologise to Kanye West, his fans and the community for the use of his image to illustrate an internal training message. It was unacceptable and Goodwill takes full responsibility for this action and meant no disrespect to Kanye.”

Kanye is yet to express his feelings on the matter, but he’s always been pretty good at hiding his feelings.

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