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12 Badass Bikini Models to Follow for Inspiring, Sun-Filled Instagram #Content

In the depths of winter, it’s natural to want to add a little light and life back into our Instagram feeds. (After all, when trapped indoors, the amount of time we spend lightly Insta-stalking others goes up a bit. We can’t help it. It’s a side effect of cabin fever.)

Given that we’re all mentally planning our next beach vacation anyway, who better to add to our ever-growing Insta-rosters than a few well-rounded bikini models? You know, women who spend much of their lives evenly tanned and ocean-adjacent, who know swimwear (and how to rock it), who’ve used their talents and diverse “bikini bodies” to secure promising careers.

In addition to dazzling us with their clever captions and on-point camera skills, these gorgeous bikini models double as vacation location scouts, swimsuit market researchers and inspiration to get off our couch-bound butts and get some life. (Oh, and reminders that every body is a “bikini body,” but that goes without saying.)

Click through the slideshow above for 12 bikini models well-deserving of a follow. From a 61-year-old grandmother of two to a body-positive crusader turned Sports Ilustrated rookie to a blogger who launched one of Kim Kardashian’s preferred bikini brands, these ladies will breathe new, sun-drenched life into your feed.

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